TAP 67/70-Repeat Yourself When it Makes Sense

Do what’s right for you.
Do what you feel is best.
Don’t fit in to someone else’s box.
Don’t deny your true self for others.
Walk away from things that aren’t for you.
Walk away so you may inspire others.
Run towards what is meant for you.
Run excitedly towards yourself.
Stop judging others.
Stop thinking your way is best.
Reflect on what you have learned.
Reflect on the journey, it’s a marathon not a sprint. You’ll make mistakes, you’ll learn and grow…now allow this for others.

I said this on Facebook a year ago, and as I often do, I like to share things that are still relevant, still valuable, and still meaningful. Do you repeat yourself, often, when it is of importance to you? I know I do!

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