TAP 69/70-Pollen, pups, oils

Some days you just need to focus on what is in front of you, and I don’t know about the rest of you dog parents/owners, but the dirt and pollen my little critters are dragging in is insane. My weekly dusting has completely ramped up, went off the cliff and I am not only staring at yellowing dirt films on my furniture surfaces, but we are all sneezing, wheezing and coughing from the pollen and allergens. No one wants that!!

I am a solutions type person, so I will tell you what I find most helpful. I make my own cleaning products, using essential oils mostly, not always, but mostly. I found that when I used harsher chemicals, I would wheeze worse after, than before I cleaned! That is the sort of thing that makes you stop and scratch your head. If I am wheezing worse after, maybe the chemical is not the best thing to breathe in?


I have mentioned before, but I use Revive Essential Oils in massage therapy work, or I did. I use their oils in my cleaning products, and I use Revive’s cleaning products too. Typically I make up solutions that last quite a while, so the cost stays relatively low for cleaning, and lasts quite a while.


1/4 Cup of this and a Gallon of water is a great cleaning ratio .

I washed down my couch today, and almost always weekly, right now will be biweekly. It is honestly quicker to use this method than to spray down the furniture and wipe. Our sectional and recliner are leather so, this really is an effective method to use, along with producing a light scent that is pleasant, a bit of cinnamon warmth.


I also use essential oils in my dry dog shampoo, which I probably should look for a wet dog wash formula too. I will say, stay away from Tea Tree oil when using around pets, it has been known to cause seizures, I honesty don’t use that one hardly ever, just to keep my pets safe. They are all fans of lavender though, I put that on any booboos, sore body parts and sometimes just to treat them if they are lounging around. I cannot tell you what all I have used lavender for on the dogs, sometimes they see me coming with it, I swear they roll their eyes…until they get stung and they beg me to put it on, and it works like magic!

I love using clean methods for cleaning, products that I get my dollar’s worth from, and pleasant scents as opposed to harsh wheeze inducing chemicals. In case you are wondering, this is not a paid post, this isn’t me benefitting from you purchasing from them, but I truly believe in their products and love using them!

Drop me a line, let me know if you use oils, or other clean methods and tell me if you are knee deep in dirt and pollen this spring, too!

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