TAP 70/70-The Ashes Phase

Once we have witnessed the Phoenix die, we are then witness to the phase of ashes, the phase before the rebirth occurs. We see the embers dying, the dust starting to settle, and we watch everything go dark…this is a yin phase, a resting phase, if you will, the phase where the dust settles and the surface hides the life growing underneath. Welcome to The Ashes Phase.

I am going to count backwards on this phase. I will designate it as TAP, as I will be gearing to tap in to my next potential, my next journey, my next…whatever comes next. I will also be tapping in to my heart’s desires of what I want to create in my life, for my life, and how I want things to be for me. TAP.

Photo: Tranquility Salt Cave

I coincidentally had plans today with my sister, to visit Tranquility Salt Cave in Columbus. We made these plans about a month ago, and the timing couldn’t have been better. We met some new people, and had a great lunch together. When I asked my sister if she would do the salt cave again, she said no…but she said it while she was still in the salt cave! The other ladies and I laughed at the effects, as we all remember our first time too. She definitely is going back, as we knew that’s what she meant, and she confirmed, laughingly.

Photo: Tranquility Salt Cave

Day 70 was a great day to kick off this new phase, it was a day of new things, a day of goodbyes, a day of remembering that I don’t care what others think of me, how they may judge me, and that I am not here for anyone’s approval but my own. What did you do today, did you try something new, meet someone new, or did you jumpstart yourself for a new phase?

Drop me a line, let me know what you did today!

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