43/45-You never know

You never know how things will go, how things will change, or how things will play out. It’s best to roll with things, stay flexible and jovial while doing it. I love being open to new people, places and experiences, you never know what or where you will find yourself.

So, I found myself looking at a local online auction, and fell in love with a “large” mirror that was up for bid. Bill and I debated how large, large was, and let me tell you, his joke about how big this mirror would turn out, was a bad, accurate joke. This thing was huge!!! While I have a giant clock in my living room, I do not have space for another large round object on any wall anywhere else in my house.

She’s purty, but I just don’t have the room.

Photo: Double D Auction

Ironically, today I went in to a store downtown that I have never been in. It was a gorgeous store with lovely clothing, a beautiful space and I could envision this giant mirror in there. Like any sane person would do, I asked the sales lady if they would want the mirror. We started talking about it, and she said she just moved and the mirror sounded like it would be perfect for her new home place. So, I told her she could have it. Now, before you start pondering how much I paid for this giant mirror, I will disclose that it cost me $7.50. If my $7.50 could make someone happy, then I am all for it…and maybe it will end up in her place of employment anyhow, which I am okay with either way. The point is, some things work exactly as they are meant to, even if you have no clue the events will even happen.

Our jaunt downtown produced many positive interactions and exchanges. It was a fun time, with lots of laughs and smiles, and we decided to plan time to come back and do some more things the next go round. In fact, I am heading back next week to fill a planter…one of my snake plants may or may not have met it’s demise.

We came home from our trip downtown, and made a yummy salad from one of our Home Chef meals for lunch. Holy Schmoly this was good!! I love spending time with Bill, cooking, talking with my girls, and trying not to be killed by dogs that are acting as buzzards swarming for food droppings…all while simultaneously avoiding them tripping me. Lol, truly good times!

This was a great day spent with Avery, Bill and then Brooke. It was a great day for us to have off(except Brooke), and a great way to spend some time together in our lovely downtown. I was so happy to have my people all together this afternoon for a tasty meal, and now to spend time just being together. Ahh, happiness!

What did you do today? Did you do something fun, or extra? Did you enjoy the day in a certain way? Drop me a line, let me know what you did today and how you embraced your people and time!

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