20/45-You don’t mean it

I wrote out a nice little blog post for today, and when I say nice, I mean not nice. I am feeling rather bitchy the last couple of days and I am tired of hiding it.

You see, I have been bothered about something, and someone for several months. I cannot confront this person because it would do me no good at all, in fact, it would cause problems in a ripple effect, so I seclude myself, and keep my mouth shut. How many of you do that, and it drives you crazy?

What do you find is helpful when you feel that way? How do you handle the situation? Do you confront the problem head on, or do you assert in a passive aggressive way? Or maybe you just move past the issue and the situation? To each their own, and as you know, every situation is different. Anyhow, let’s see what I did today!

What I did for me today was:

  • I wore a very, very comfy outfit to work in today(if you knew my work clothing, you would laugh and wonder how much more comfortable I could get)
  • I did not wash my hair, still looked nice from the salon
  • I took a break from my dogs

It was a day of subtle wins, we all need those from time to time.

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