19/45-A Triple

Prophetic, Intuition, Turnabout.

Co star, you always know!

These are three things I tried to write about today, and each time it took me down a winding path of self indulgence. I am sparing you those semi formed posts, maybe I will glean more thoughtful matter on them over the next few days. Until then, just know I did not hit a triple, or a home run, I think I might have gotten hit in the back for a walk, truthfully. So let’s see what happened with me today.

What I did for me today was:

  • Spent time with my hair stylist/got my hair done
  • Did a face mask before I went
  • Spoke about a vision I had, when I otherwise might not have
I really had a good laugh at my own reflection, glamorous living!

What I did for others:

  • Put a 55 pound bag of dog food in a lady’s cart at Sam’s club, she couldn’t lift it
Blurry, but dang it this dog was living his best life today!

As you can see, I had some things to do today. What you don’t see is a list of all the other things I did, some feelings I am feeling and some grace I am showing myself and others today. Do you ever just give people space to be ignorant, or for yourself to be short fused? Yeah, we need to provide lots of space for lots of things, feelings and situations in our lives. It’s how we manage to keep going. Tomorrow we start the 20s, and I am not sure I want to talk about that turnabout just yet…let’s just say I found myself in an old pattern today that was not good or happy. Let’s hope for a better tomorrow, see you then!

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