16/45-Little things

Another short and sweet post today. I want you to remember, it really is the little things in life that bring us joy…or drive us nuts. One person’s ocd, can be another person’s joy, but not in a mean way, in a loving caring way. Obviously.

What I did for me today:

  • I kept a light attitude and found joy in the little things(like a missing puzzle piece)
  • I finished a puzzle with the husband(is it really finished if it is missing the final piece? I think so)
Can you spot the missing piece?

What I did for others:

  • Gave feedback that was asked for
  • Drove around looking for my cousin’s dog
  • Held maniacal laughter in when my poor husband was holding in frustration over the missing puzzle piece

I hope you did something joyful today, I hope you enjoyed the sun. Wishing you all a light, restful remainder of your weekend.

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