Seasons of This is Me

Good Saturday Morning!!! How are you today? I am well, just finished a yoga session at home to start my day, it was peaceful, a nice blend of flow and resting poses, capped off with a brief meditation. This is Saturday, so another episode of This is Me.

I noticed yesterday that the Sun was with us longer than it has been. Gaining minutes of sunshine every day is something I not only look forward to, but depend upon this time of year, every year. I love the natural rhythms out bodies go through with each season, and sinking into those feelings, really enjoying each and every experience we have with the weather and our surroundings, even seeing changes in people around me. Do you love seasonal changes, maybe not the aches and pains winter brings, or the allergies that spring and fall brings, but don’t you love the changing seasons? I truly do! Fall is my fave.

This is me now. Seasonal soaker, always. That also brings me to think about the seasons in our life. When we are children, it is the Spring of our youth, Summer is like your 20s and 30s, Fall extends from 40s-60s, and then Winter is 70s on, or I think it feels that we could equate it that way. Not going to lie, I am a natural brunette, but in my 20s&30s(into my 40s), I was a red head. Once I got Bell’s Palsy, I decided that I needed a lot of changes, one of those-becoming a blonde. I was blonde when I was a little kid, and so I was going to embrace my first hair color, own it…blondes have more fun after all, right?Yes, it seems they do, but then I realized, is this me? Is this a fair representation of who I am?

I know who I am, I am a person that has had a lot of experiences, good and bad. I have grown exponentially as a person and I don’t plan on stopping now. I sit within myself with all the knowledge and wisdom I possess, and I know that I know nothing yet. I am 44, I am in my Autumnal season, and I want to be present in every moment of it, therefore I am going back to my roots, in a lot of ways, my hair being one.

I am so excited for my stylist to take me to a natural place, it will take time, but I am stoked about just naturally being me on the outside, to reflect my inside. It will be a journey I question a lot, but one worth the effort. Always BE TRUE TO YOU, whatever that means to you!

Oh, I also cut my hair! Clear the old, bring in the new, but don’t forget your roots!!

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