New Series, Old Things and Me

Good Saturday Morning to you all! I am starting a new series today on the blog, I think we’ll call it “This is Me.” It will be featured on Saturdays, not sure if it is short term or permanent, but what the hell, let’s give it a go and have some fun with it!

We love coffee in our house!

We often start our weekdays and weekends with coffee, fresh ground, fresh brewed, fa-resh deliciousness! The coffee sign used to say something else, I can’t even remember, but I decided years ago to freehand the word COFFEE on it, and to hang it by the coffee pot. It reminds me of old diners and coffee cans, I love nostalgia! When we got married, Bill gifted me the Ball canisters, I love their teal blue color-classic Ball jar coloring, so happy and fresh! I am a curator of items, I am always looking for just the right things to place and pair together. Some function, some form…Want to source the rest of my items? Let me know!

Movin’ on up!

We decided that because we love coffee so much, we may as well make a coffee bar, and add shelves with things that we love or inspire us…well, it’s me mainly, but the family just goes along with it, they love me like that! I recently procured the owl from an auction, she is wood, carved. My Marimo Moss came from my good friend Maria, this little thing is so cool and soothing to swish around! It goes well with my Snake plant that one of Avery’s coworkers gave us. You see my cow photo, a butter churn and a big bouquet of roses at that left side. I love pairing a host of things that speak to me!

Dead things have my heart!

This bouquet is reall two dried bouquets I put together, they make more of an impact this way. I love dried flowers, you get to enjoy them twice this way, and their beauty varies from live to dried, love it! The rock came from my driveway, we had been getting a series of nonstop showers for about two summers straight and two years in a row, it flushed out two separate rocks that I curated for my home. I have no idea what makes this one special, but I do love the size, color and texture. I truly love things I can hold in my hands and feel the energy of!

What this place needs is a little more horse skull!

Yes, that is a horse skull. I acquired this piece the same time I acquired the owl. They both have names, but I can’t recall the owl’s…guess we will have to rename it. The horse’s name is Telula. She may not have her front two teeth, but she is still purty, just like her name. The wooden charger with the R? My friend Lori gave me several chargers, I made her, myself and one other monogrammed piece from them all. The pottery is part in honor of my husband’s Uncle Mike who introduced us to the Raku style, and the other pieces are local, they seem to fit and marry well.

This is Me. I like to make things with my own hands. I like things others make with their hands. I love to honor dead things in their life, death and beyond, embracing their beauty in every stage. I capture things I find interesting and beautiful. I put special things from special people in places I can see them, enjoy them and find daily happiness in. This is Me. Drop me a line, tell me about you, does any of my curation speak to you, are you a curator too?


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