Happy Saturday to you all! I hope you are enjoying this fine, breezy, springy first day of April! Yesterday, I mentioned a recent senior photo shoot, and how amazing that session was. Today, I would like to tell you more about that, the importance of music during our shoot, how our first session’s results catapulted our second session, and the overall positives of knowing what really gets your client going. First, let me introduce you to Meadow!

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Meadow was one of Brooke’s first friends when we moved to Chillicothe several years ago. She is a kind soul that is caring about her friends, but she is frank and honest too. Meadow is a very fun and funny girl! She is outgoing, very vocal, and super colorful, her style, hair and personality!

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When Meadow asked me to shoot her senior portrait sessions, I was stoked for several reasons. One, she is a very beautiful person, her smile is endearing, ornery and captivating. Her personality shines through her pores, she radiates confidence. Meadow is also silly, she will do some out of the box thinking, which results in great shots. One such shot, I loved it so much that I submitted it for awards. When I received a Bronze for this image, she was the first person I told. This image was peer reviewed by those deemed as Portrait Masters through the acclaimed Portrait System powered by Sue Bryce, as well as some top notch educators in the portrait photography realm. The most frequent piece of positive feedback that I received from the judges was how the background color really enhanced my subject and her hair color. What the judges did not know, was that this was the perfect compliment to Meadow’s personality and her desire to make a process she did not want to really undertake, in to something fun that highlighted her, inside and out. When Meadow was gearing up for her second session, I told her that I wanted to take the submitted photo and let that be our inspiration for her indoor session. We were going to springboard off of this image and tailor the session to where she is now, while making her recent transitions more obvious through poses. We were going to add a bit of sophistication while keeping her images youthful and fun. This is where Dr. Dre comes in.

Sue Bryce poses, full figure poses, senior portraits, ppa, chillicothe Ohio, Columbus Ohio, fun, colorful

Meadow arrived looking beautiful and ready to go, but still a bit apprehensive to the whole process. I asked her what she would like to listen to during her session, and she replied rap. That is pretty extensive, so through further questioning, I was able to narrow that down to the OG, Dr. Dre. I too love Dre, so it was a treat for me as well. We began with some wall poses, moved in to seated poses and the magic just flowed instantly.

Sue Bryce poses, Full figure poses, senior portrait, ppa, Chillicothe Ohio, Columbus Ohio, fun, colorful

Meadow seriously is a lot of fun, even if she jokingly tells me she hates me because I am talking her in to poses she feels unsure of. She trusts that I am looking at her, seeing her amazing presence, and with a few tweaks, she is giving me gold. I show her the image captured and she smiles, BIG. She likes what she sees, herself, she likes what we are creating, and she likes how I see her truly, through my lens. BEAUTIFUL!

Sue Bryce poses, full figure poses, senior portraits, ppa, Chillicothe Ohio, Columbus Ohio, fun, colorful

Color is this girl’s vibe. She is so stunning in an array of colors, although she prefers purples and reds. I asked her how she felt about dark hot pink, she wasn’t too keen, but when she saw this image, she was delighted and called herself cute! Yes girl, and then some. When I sent her finally gallery over, she said they looked so f*ing good. This is what I want for my clients. I want them to see themselves as I see them, and when I look at Meadow, I see a beautiful young woman, powerful, ready for the next chapter of her life. I like to play too, and because I knew Meadow would soak this up, I went old school on an edit with a suggestion from my husband.

Senior portraits, old school senior portraits, Chillicothe Ohio, Columbus Ohio, fun, colorful

Meadow posted this to her social media, “I am that bitch”. THIS is everything. I see you my little badass. She loves her gallery, she had a great experience and she absolutely killed it during her session. We had a blast, and I doubt this is the last time this beauty will be in front of my lens, Thank you Meadow for trusting me to capture your beautiful soul, I am truly honored!

Sue Bryce poses, full figure poses, beauty poses, senior portraits, ppa, Chillicothe Ohio, Columbus Ohio, fun, colorful

If you are interested in a photography session, hit me up, we’ll custom tailor a session just right for you!