A jaunt to Wellston

Yesterday I headed to Wellston and spent some time with my good friend, Joe. I checked out his new hair salon(that shoot will be another day), the building he is in, the businesses in the building, and we stopped at a few shops in town as well. Check it out:

We had lunch at Happenings Bistro, great food, super friendly staff, and a nice atmosphere! Joe’s cousin works there and she is a doll, love her! I will definitely go back for the food and service!

Reuben sandwich and fries for Joe
Sriracha chicken sandwich and fries for me

We stopped at several shops in town, but the only one I took photos in was Yesterdays Antiques. They had a really nice selection of items and good prices, as well as friendly folks ready to assist you! Going to hit that up again next time I am in town, for sure!

This is a table, but I have a painting in my house that Bill’s Grandma Gladys painted that is of such a similar theme and coloring!

There were so many cool things to look at , I will have to go repeatedly for the full experience. Joe and I can entertain ourselves pretty much anywhere, but it truly was a nice day to enjoy the little town of Wellston and her offerings. If you haven’t been, I would suggest going, and I am sure I will have more places to suggest to you in the warmer months, my next time, and the time after that! I am looking forward to warmer months when we can hit my favorite place, Lake Alma.

Drop me a line, let me know if there is a small town not far from you that you absolutely adore, and would highly recommend for a visit! I love going new places and seeing new things!

Are you *Not* searching?

I have all of the answers for you.

Social Media


Today PROVED to me that everything happens for a reason, and with divine timing! Seriously a cool interaction day!

Risk being human

Take a risk. On yourself. On others. Go on, get out there and do it. It may not go the way you hope or want, but the things it can teach you about yourself and other people, will be priceless.

Drop me a line, let me know what you are taking a risk/chance on this week. I will report about my risks/chances this week!

Sun, warm, yum!

Sonny never naps. He is a perpetual toddler, just keeps going until he stops. Somedays I have to keep convincing him that he is a tired baby, his old person must have hold him this as it makes his eyes instantly droopy.

It’s a cold Sunday, a good day for the humidifier, a dog nap in the sun, and some spicy food!


Drop me a line, let me know what your Sunday is consisting of, and how you are keeping warm today!

Columbus Architectural Salvage-Long time coming!

We have all been been scrolling Facebook, only to find ads based on our interests that we pursue outside of Facebook. I watch a lot of home improvement, renovation, salvage, historical architectural preservation type shows, and so in early 2020, when FB suggested an account for me to follow, I was overjoyed and made plans to go as soon as I got time. We all know how that went.

Things have changed since then, but I still had a lot going on in different ways, and so my trip was put on the back burner. Sure I have been to Columbus a gazillion times in the last couple years, but I am a firm believer of everything in it’s own time, and some things deserve a special, carved out time slot at that. Many things keep rapidly, positively changing in my life, and I felt it was the perfect time to finally go. I asked Bill a couple weeks ago if he would like to go with me, and he happily said he would like to make a day of it with me.

Finally, I made it to Columbus Architectural Salvage!

Ooooooh people! I walked in the door and I had to open all the drawers on a huge old card catalog that held bits and bobbles…well, more like antique cabinet hardware, house numbers and letters, chandelier crystals and much more. Holy wow. And all the doorknobs…swOOOooon!!! Holy moly. I was in awe, in love, and in a happy place! I tend to take a Frank the Tank mentality, what it if is something I have never seen before?? I hadn’t even made it past the smalls y’all, Bill had to come back and retrieve me as I was chattering about, making myself a nuisance for other customers that wanted to also look in the drawers, although I think my enthusiasm was contagious and joyful and this prompted their desire to look too.

Bill and I saw so many things that we oohed and ahhed over. I was seriously like a kid in a candy store, so much wonder and awe, perhaps the feeling was more like being in a magical kingdom? I touched a lot of things…A LOT. I felt the history, the stories untold. I felt nostalgia with my own experiences, in my own places and time. It was in this wonderful place, that my thought about these things materialized fully.

If we do not love and preserve the things that bring us these moments of nostalgia, will we remember to feel, to recall, to relive and appreciate or show gratitude for the times in our lives?


I think not, I think it will be wiped from our minds and our memories, and from our history. So I gripped this place a little tighter in my heart.

As I was meandering about, not hearing or seeing others around me, in my own world, a man approached us. This man was either the owner or an esteemed employee, he stopped and asked us if it was our first time there. I said yes, was it obvious? I acknowledged that I didn’t know how to feel, I was so positively overwhelmed. He said, like you may faint? I smiled, and said you know, clearly. He told us to enjoy, I declared we would be back, first time, definitely not the last time. I made a mental list of what I am going back for, I checked the prices of a few things I would dream about, and I left with the biggest smile on my face and amazing joy in my heart!

I was floating on a cloud all the way up 71 to our lunch destination. I could not stop smiling or remembering the feeling of the woods, metals and marble under my fingertips. The positivity of being around amazing old things filled my heart to an overflow, an overwhelming overflow! Bill kept telling me how happy he was to see me so giddy and happy, I was happy to see him delighted and filled with joy too!

I love that we share a love of history, architecture, and overall cool old things. Bill has his eye on a few things, none of which surprise me. We are both convinced he was a military man in a past life, and the things he is drawn to, support this thought. I tend to be drawn to expensive things, but I think it is more so the quality and value of an item. I keep telling Bill I saw the quality in him long ago, he sees it now too. I love that!

This brings me to my question today. What old things from your life, bring you nostalgia? What old things from your life bring back memories of your youth? What old things do you feel drawn to or compelled to touch? Maybe that was three questions, but please drop me a line, I absolutely would love to know! If you would enjoy a trip to find a treasure, or a step in to history, head to Columbus Architectural Salvage, you will be amazed at what all comes back to your mind!

At odds/Physics

Yes, well, I find myself longing for the beach today. The warmth, the relaxation, the sunshine, the waves.

Instead I am dealing with water of a different sort. I am redirecting a man made current, to protect myself and others. I can show gratitude however, for my knowledge in physics, for my dad teaching me a plethora of common sense know how, and for my proactive attitude.

Drop me a line, let me know what your day consisted of. Mine was a bit more cussing and declaring physics facts, but job re-done!

Non Linear:Progressing

Do you think there is a reason for everything? Or do you think differently? Do you think your answer ties to optimism or pessimism? Perhaps you have something really mind blowing to share on these questions, and it will make us all thing and ponder. I would love to know what you think or embody in these thoughts.

I personally think all things either add or subtract to go forward…even if it means going backwards at times. Forward progress/momentum is seldomly linear, and more than not, it is a series of events that take us in multiple directions, all with express intent to take us forward. This outlook is very grounding to me, keeps me calm and centered, and it actually propels me forward quicker than if I were to resist, fight or be upset about it. I am not saying it isn’t challenging, but my outlook helps me make it through, forward!

Drop me a line, let me know what you think. I would love to chat about it!

What’s do your words say?

Do you like positive language? How about conveying a point so the message is delivered directly, yet without negative attachment or expectation? How do you feel about the intent, delivery, projection, or indirect message of words? Yes, that was a very loaded question, but this is a very important subject. How do you view these sentences?

  • We do not have that available.
  • Bob did not copy that document.
  • I want to help and support you.
  • Do it our way, or fail.
  • I don’t co-create a good environment, and that contributes to my stress.
  • I am unhappy because you stress me out.

These are clearly paired statements, but the negative impact statement of each pair does not invite further exploration or explanation, they are more definitive. Which would you rather hear? Which would you rather not hear? What would you do if you constantly encountered the negative, definitive statements from someone you regularly interacted with? Would you stop interacting or severely limit interaction? Something to ponder.

How do you choose your words? How do you deliver your words? What is the intent behind your words, or what message are you directly, or indirectly delivering? Are you aware of the short term and long term impact of your words? What message do you want to deliver now, or later?

Words are mighty powerful, in positive or negative impact, in the short interim or long run. If we want our words to hold the weight of water, we must weigh and measure the impact, we must have foresight as to how things may stem from our words, or develop from what we just said, and cannot take back, at that. How do we want to be talked to, how have we been talked to, what do we respond to, and how do we want others to respond to us?

What words do you include in your vocabulary to convey your message? What words do you avoid? What tone do you set and carry out? What tone do you avoid? How are you positive and forward moving in your prose? How might your words be construed as negative?

These are all things I think of when I am writing. I will rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, or scrap if I don’t feel my message is being conveyed in the way I am aiming for. Have I written in the vein of negativity? Yes, as this is typically borne of frustration. In that frustration, I will bare my emotions and my vulnerability, because I want to move forward. I do not want to stay stuck, I want progress and communication for advancement. I do not want the negativity that negative words can, and will bring about. I want resolution, growth, relationship, and community.

Tell me, how do want to be talked to? How do you want a message to be conveyed? Which approach would motivate you most? Which would bristle your hairs? Drop me a line, let me know!

January, a summer’s night

Just think, in a few months, it will be warm, the evening will be fragrant and thick. I just wanted to remind you of that on this January day.

Drop me a line, let me know what you are looking forward to on a summer’s evening.