The Prom Grand Finale!

Senior year provides many big moments, but none quite like prom. It is a time when everyone dresses up and puts much effort in to their appearance. Girls wear gowns like they may never wear again in this lifetime, and boys wear suits or tuxedos that they may not dare wear again, even at a wedding. Everyone dresses to impress themselves and others, after all, they are going out in style.

L-R, Top to bottom:Colin Halm, Aron Lee, Scotty Preston, Corbin DeMint. Brooke Robinson, Rene Good, Paige Osborne, Madison Harrod

I am very fortunate with Brooke, she almost always has a plan of what dress she is looking to attain for her school dances. This was the case for her final dance, Senior Prom, but the dress was a bit elusive to obtain. We shopped, no one had it and no one could order it, until we opted to search local. Best Dress Boutique in Chillicothe did not have it, but could order it, and so that is what we did! The dress was even more stunning in person, and with Brooke’s newly, more darkened hair, it was a striking combo! Meadow, who you have seen on the blog, did Brooke’s hair and makeup, and she did an amazing job creating a more natural look for Brooke!

Purple dress, two piece prom dress, Ashley Lauren dress, Chillicothe Ohio, Best Dress Boutique, fringed dress, purple
Brooke, in studio. Click on the photo to see what Best Dress can do for you, and expand the image to see more detail of Brooke and her dress!

I learned long ago to not capture RAW files like I do in a portrait session, but jpegs for a straight upload to social media for the mass of pre dance photos, This saves a bunch of time and effort, even if the results are not what you would call your professional work. Lighting is always changing, you have nothing other than natural light source, not even a reflector to bounce light for supplementing, and you are constantly moving. I remember when I thought I was showcasing my skills through this way, the pre dance photos…oof! Please know there is a difference, in the captions I will tell you more. Also, you will be able to click on a few images for specific links you may want to know more about.

Click photo to learn about Meadow! Finding a shady alcove can absolutely enhance your subject by using the shadows.
The sun went behind a cloud, snap it!!
Rene and Aron
Find a swath of shade to keep lighting on your subjects even.
Paige and Scotty
Brooke’s date was her good friend, Colin.
Brooke and Mason Doughty, you can read about Mason by clicking the pic. Tip: turn your subjects towards the most open light source, when there is none.

I love that when Brooke came to Chillicothe in 6th grade, she instantly made many friends, and these are most of the people she spent her time with at prom. You love to see your kids have a good time, sharing that with long time friends just makes it that much more special. Funny enough, Brooke, Preston, and Rene all confirmed they were triplets when Mark of Mark Wood Fun Show asked them. I have known Mark for years, he is a funny guy, and he created a special memory for the kids just by being himself. Kudos, and thank you Mark!

Photo courtesy of Mark Wood, click the picture to learn more about Mark Wood Fun Show!
A cell shot Brooke sent to us…
…and another.

Truly, I think this was the best dance for Brooke, she had an amazing time, and she spent it with friends making memories! This is what prom should be like, and what high school memories should look like, fun! I hope you enjoyed the Prom Grand Finale, only one more big event to go…I hope I am ready!

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