Business Focus: Wilkey’s Window Tinting

Good day and a happy Wednesday to you all! Today I am sharing with you, a Business Focus, these are businesses that I believe in, patron, have had great experiences with, and/or I see myself or possibly you, using in the future! Allow me to introduce you to Ryan Wilkey, of Wilkey’s Window Tinting!

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You can be directed to Ryan’s website by clicking on any photos, or by visiting his Facebook page, by clicking here: https://m.facebook/wilkeyswindowtinting/photos

When we purchased Brooke’s car, she asked about getting the window’s tinted. We discussed this at length, unsure of who does this type of work, and where we could find them, how much would it cost, etc.. Not ironically, I was scrolling Facebook one day shortly after and there was a post a friend had shared of their car, and their family member’s car they had just gotten tinted. The original post was made by Wilkey’s Window Tinting, and upon further inspection and scrolling through Ryan’s posts, I knew this was a place I needed to contact for their service.

I had a lot of questions as I had never had window tinting done before, and Ryan was excellent on easing my apprehension and walking me through this process. We were very pleased with the results of Ryan’s experienced work and his professionalism, but what also caught my eye was his standard of quality in his shop. I was intrigued to learn more, so I inquired about coming in to observe the process, to possibly capture some details, and to watch Ryan masterfully demonstrate his craft. He readily agreed to this collaboration, so let’s show you what happens behind the scenes at Wilkey’s Window Tinting!

First, I have to say that window tinting is a process that requires a ton of spraying. Whether that is cleaning the outside of the window to prep for a template dry fit, to spraying to clean the inside of said window for application, to spraying the tint film itself, and finally spraying the window for installation. LOTS of spraying.

Ryan is very efficient with his spraying and his overall process! When I first arrived, I observed his work on one vehicle, he is very methodical, precise and laser focused. Honestly, I wasn’t sure we would speak a word to each other, he is totally in the process! I was delighted to be able to converse and let Ryan tell me his story about how he got started with window tinting, how long he has been in this line of work, and hints of what possibilities he is considering for expansion.

Ryan has been tinting windows since he was 16, and is coming up on his 20th year of providing this service to others. Like many new drivers, he purchased several vehicles as a youngster and asked his mom to tint his windows for him, which she did. Ryan got to the point of feeling like he was constantly asking her to do his windows for him, that eventually he just asked her to teach him how to do it instead. She must be pretty good at it, because Ryan is completely mind boggling to watch in his skill. While Ryan’s mom is not currently tinting, she helps him in other ways, and who knows, she may come on board at some point. This brought me around to asking Ryan if he was going to add another technician, all I can say is watch his Facebook page, Wilkey’s Window Tinting has some exciting things in store for 2023!

I also learned that in window tinting, you use your teeth for a few things, holding your smoothing tools being one. Separating film and mylar film backing is another use, you’ll see that in a bit. If you love ASMR, these next steps are ones you would love to observe.

Who doesn’t like to watch a heat gun shrink things?? For precision and efficiency, this is the perfect tool for Ryan to use to get the right size of film for such an expansive area of glass.

Bye bye air pockets. While Ryan was eliminating air pockets, I asked him what his current favorite vehicle is to tint the windows of. He got a big smile and said the Hyundai Elantra. I asked why, and he told me that it was the smoothest car from start to finish, and he has it down to a science on his timing with those cars as well. He said they are user friendly to a tinter, there is not a lot to obstruct his work and the work flow is very nice. Ryan went on to answer the question I must have had on my face, he said each car and manufacturer will have it’s challenges, but the Elantra was edging the rest out currently. Look at that dry fitted tint film, no bubbles!! Although it looks pretty accurate, Ryan will outline exactly where the film will need trimmed.

This board is one of the handiest things I have ever seen, and I cannot imagine this process getting done without it.

All trimmed up, back to spraying.

Then comes the cleaning!

I felt like I was in the car wash!

It was at this moment that Ryan expressed the importance of his steps pertaining to the back glass. So many dealerships and folks will tape the new temporary tags to the back glass, often leaving adhesive that he is stringent on removing or assuring that is no longer there. This was a very neat process to watch, as was the dry fitting of the back glass’s tint.

That tint film is so precise, look at those blue outlines Ryan made! It blows my perfectionistic, high standard mind, just how detailed this process is. This was what made me wonder about the part Ryan likes most about his job, and when I asked it wasn’t the answer I expected, yet it really was. He loves making his own hours and working his schedule to be able to have the ability to spend time with his family. When Ryan worked at a local factory, he was working his full time hours there, and often working in tinting jobs after his full time position hours ended, or began. It was not uncommon for him to work late, late nights, the middle of the night, or super early in the morning which was still nighttime for most. This occupation of window tinting allowed him the freedom to leave his last job, and go to full time, to the point of expansion…shh. Tune in to his page.

*cough cough* spray the fim

Roll the film. Spray and place the tint!


WOOHOO! Ryan was talking business, advice he would give new entrepreneurs, and the old adage of a friends and family discount as he was smoothing it all out, I asked if he gave the discount to any friends…

Ryan said he sure did give that discount, but only after he charged that friend a “Friends and family membership” of the same price! I am going to keep this one in my back pocket for future use. Ryan truly provides an affordable service and he is looking to keep his pricing that way, so everyone can partake in the service he offers. As his client, I had no idea what to expect, and when he quoted me for Brooke’s car, my brain was a bit confused. It was affordable. After spending more time with Ryan, it was clear to me that he is a very kind person, not someone to take advantage of, but someone that genuinely cares about people and he is generous with his resources, when he chooses to be. But don’t ask about that discount, you aren’t in the circle yet and stranger memberships may cost more. I should have asked.

Remember when I told you that Ryan was respectful of his client’s property? I witnessed him slide his Dudes off and on as needed when it was necessary for him to put his feet in your car while tinting the windows. It really is the little things that make your experiences great. I would highly recommend you use Wilkey’s Window Tinting for all of your tinting needs, Ryan is even going onsite for large equipment such as skid steers, tractors, and more. I cannot wait to see what this year holds for Ryan and his business, I know it will be great! Don’t forget, you can click on any picture of Ryan to be connected to his business pages, as well as call his number, (740)804-5765.

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