the time is now, we are shifting gears!

Way back when I started this blog, the goal was tie my photography, writing, projects, and good works/deeds of others captured all together. While that was a good thing, the blog manifested in ways that I did not see coming for reasons not understood by me at the time. I made attempts to shift back to the original goal but the timing was never right, the purpose of the new way needed to be completed before I could fulfill that original goal. Note: you cannot rush timing when you are not the one to determine the timing, it determines itself. Things have been changing for me in a myriad of ways due to the way I have conducted the blog, the things I have uncovered and discovered have been life altering, and one thing has been made very clear, it is currently time to shift gears. Now is not the time to not return to the original goal, but to actually begin my original purpose. Welcome to The Photographist Life, where I’ll be capturing the stories of life’s images.


I will be showcasing images and stories from my photography sessions here at The Photographist Life. My photography sessions are fun, exciting, often humorous, and very empowering. I deeply connect with my clients, walking hand in hand through self limiting beliefs, hangups, insecurities, hesitations, or just the plain lack of desire to have portraits done, while watching my clients bloom into full expressions of themselves, and capturing the image of what that looks like, sounds pretty magical, don’t you think?

I will also be sharing photography of a journalistic nature, whether that be a branding session of a person mastering their craft, charitable organizations carrying out their visions, exciting things happening in our community or something I have never captured or shared before. The possibilities are pretty limitless, and opportunities are abounding!


I am, by nature and nurture, a sharer. I want to celebrate your wins with you, I want to share my own wins with you too. I want to share the great experiences we have on shoots, and I want to share the great experiences I have with you in your businesses, charities, organizations, or offerings. I am excited about great people doing great things! I love the community I live in, I have passion for the history, the people, places and things, and I want to share stories surrounding all of these!


There will be plenty of projects around here, that may be my own, or YOUR project. I will be sharing photography projects that I am passionate about, I have a few in mind for this year. I would love to add some collaborative projects as well, showcasing you and what you are working on, or what sets your heart on fire…that gives me chills just thinking of what we could turn out!! Who knows, you may find yourself on The Photographist Life at some point, in a variety of ways!


I truly want share my platform and reach for the things people are doing to help others, human and animal based. We often have no idea of all the helpers around us, and I think spotlighting those that serve is a great way to find out more about what they do and how we can get involved to help. I would love it if you shared good works and deeds with me that you think deserve recognition, so I can capture and share that with others. Our communities large and small, that compromise our area, have so much love, care, and support to offer. I believe we can all learn about local resources that are available for our loved ones, pets/animals, as well as ourselves.


THIS is what The Photographist Life is all about, the story. I come from a long line of storytellers, it is in my blood and it runs rather deep. I am fortunate in the sense that I also capture the images to go along with these stories. I am a very visual person that feels the essence of a soul, the importance of a moment or a movement. I love connecting with people. I love hearing about you and your stories. I LOVE seeing you, see yourself through my lens. I LOVE THAT. LOVE.

Tomorrow, I will be sharing a recent session and how that impacted not only my client, but me too! I am so excited for you to be here with me on this journey, where we will be crossing paths, sharing our experiences, and hopefully learning some new things too! I am ready, are you?

Your Photographist,

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