Love your inner child, & outer adult

There’s a lot to be said about becoming a mature adult, and adversely being an immature adult, but we aren’t really going to talk about that today. Nope, we are going to instead clarify how embracing your inner child, is essential to your life. This isn’t to say you need to be immature to be childlike, but you can embrace the child you in your grounded, adult mature self! I mean, it’s great knowing how to act in public and all, but sometimes you really need to be silly, for yourself and others!

Let’s not lie to ourselves, this world beats the innocence right out of you. It forces you to grow up, making you face tough, unpleasant and hard situations. This brings about a hardened exterior, and sometimes takes our gooey insides and whips them to the point of stiffness. We lose a bit of ourselves, and most people would say, that’s life, that’s how it goes, that’s just the way of it, I am here to tell you yeah, but no. This becomes a choice to lose our inner child, possibly to the point of tyranny or assholiness. We stop having fun or finding magic, and in turn, it can even turn us in to immature adults. You know the ones, they are brats parading as grown adults, but really, they lost their inner child and just act out of childishness.

When we embrace our inner child, maintain our playful selves, we benefit more than not. This inner child is creative, curious, imaginative, fearless, and yes, silly. The inner child knows the adult you can handle whatever comes your way, it trusts that you are in the state of adult so that it can roam and run free as the inner child. The inner child recognizes other people it can have fun with and be around, and it trusts those adults to have good boundaries so that it can be playful freely, and safely. This is not saying that anither is responsible for your boundaries, or that the inner child won’t get hurt, but more so that the self outer adult will do it’s best to maintain a safe and free environment, and is wise enough and experienced enough to recognize when it is time to move away from others, or situations that are not good for the adult and the child.

We can foster our inner child through free play, structured play, crafts, hobbies, exercise, car trips, vacations, playing with our pets, doing childlike activities, so on and so forth. We just have to be willing to not place restrictions or a lockdown on our child self so as to squelch it. Again, disciplined self makes good choices, allowing the child to be free to play. So, let me ask you, how healthy is your inner child? How healthy is your inner child and outer adult self relationship? What kind of play do you engage in for your inner child? When was the last time you did let your inner child play?

I added dried roses to my mantle greenery, letting my inner child roam through my senses and creativity.

Drop me a line, let me know what your thoughts are, how you have engaged yourself, child and adult, I would love to know!

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