A jaunt to Wellston

Yesterday I headed to Wellston and spent some time with my good friend, Joe. I checked out his new hair salon(that shoot will be another day), the building he is in, the businesses in the building, and we stopped at a few shops in town as well. Check it out:

We had lunch at Happenings Bistro, great food, super friendly staff, and a nice atmosphere! Joe’s cousin works there and she is a doll, love her! I will definitely go back for the food and service!

Reuben sandwich and fries for Joe
Sriracha chicken sandwich and fries for me

We stopped at several shops in town, but the only one I took photos in was Yesterdays Antiques. They had a really nice selection of items and good prices, as well as friendly folks ready to assist you! Going to hit that up again next time I am in town, for sure!

This is a table, but I have a painting in my house that Bill’s Grandma Gladys painted that is of such a similar theme and coloring!

There were so many cool things to look at , I will have to go repeatedly for the full experience. Joe and I can entertain ourselves pretty much anywhere, but it truly was a nice day to enjoy the little town of Wellston and her offerings. If you haven’t been, I would suggest going, and I am sure I will have more places to suggest to you in the warmer months, my next time, and the time after that! I am looking forward to warmer months when we can hit my favorite place, Lake Alma.

Drop me a line, let me know if there is a small town not far from you that you absolutely adore, and would highly recommend for a visit! I love going new places and seeing new things!

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