At odds/Physics

Yes, well, I find myself longing for the beach today. The warmth, the relaxation, the sunshine, the waves.

Instead I am dealing with water of a different sort. I am redirecting a man made current, to protect myself and others. I can show gratitude however, for my knowledge in physics, for my dad teaching me a plethora of common sense know how, and for my proactive attitude.

Drop me a line, let me know what your day consisted of. Mine was a bit more cussing and declaring physics facts, but job re-done!

One Comment on “At odds/Physics

  1. HEY Lady Your land physic’s is a positive ion positively healthy for you and remembering those Dad teachings. I did some of that today with a birdwatching at the MBSP for orioles ! Fabulous wonderful no pic but my visual memory. My father loved everything of our creation. Im thankful for his spirit . and so much more. Lost him at the peak of my life 24. Thankful for every teaching. So girlie go hug the dirt, get the water going Come to the Beach it is cold, but the sun divine, the beach empty, its calling you…

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