What’s do your words say?

Do you like positive language? How about conveying a point so the message is delivered directly, yet without negative attachment or expectation? How do you feel about the intent, delivery, projection, or indirect message of words? Yes, that was a very loaded question, but this is a very important subject. How do you view these sentences?

  • We do not have that available.
  • Bob did not copy that document.
  • I want to help and support you.
  • Do it our way, or fail.
  • I don’t co-create a good environment, and that contributes to my stress.
  • I am unhappy because you stress me out.

These are clearly paired statements, but the negative impact statement of each pair does not invite further exploration or explanation, they are more definitive. Which would you rather hear? Which would you rather not hear? What would you do if you constantly encountered the negative, definitive statements from someone you regularly interacted with? Would you stop interacting or severely limit interaction? Something to ponder.

How do you choose your words? How do you deliver your words? What is the intent behind your words, or what message are you directly, or indirectly delivering? Are you aware of the short term and long term impact of your words? What message do you want to deliver now, or later?

Words are mighty powerful, in positive or negative impact, in the short interim or long run. If we want our words to hold the weight of water, we must weigh and measure the impact, we must have foresight as to how things may stem from our words, or develop from what we just said, and cannot take back, at that. How do we want to be talked to, how have we been talked to, what do we respond to, and how do we want others to respond to us?

What words do you include in your vocabulary to convey your message? What words do you avoid? What tone do you set and carry out? What tone do you avoid? How are you positive and forward moving in your prose? How might your words be construed as negative?

These are all things I think of when I am writing. I will rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, or scrap if I don’t feel my message is being conveyed in the way I am aiming for. Have I written in the vein of negativity? Yes, as this is typically borne of frustration. In that frustration, I will bare my emotions and my vulnerability, because I want to move forward. I do not want to stay stuck, I want progress and communication for advancement. I do not want the negativity that negative words can, and will bring about. I want resolution, growth, relationship, and community.

Tell me, how do want to be talked to? How do you want a message to be conveyed? Which approach would motivate you most? Which would bristle your hairs? Drop me a line, let me know!

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