A room with a view, and the bar

From our room last night
From the 32 floor tonight
Also from the 32nd floor, Bar 32

Today, I literally stayed in my room all day, did yoga, watched some of my favorite show, and just relaxed. Bill says you can see a difference because I did that today. We were planning an evening out, but honestly, I haven’t slept good for a month, and so we went to the bar on the 32nd floor(Bar 32)had a couple drinks, and will be sourcing dinner at the hotel. Although I hear Mabel’s is good if you are ever in this part of Cleveland!

It dawned on me today just how much I needed this break, and how my life is ready to change in a multitude of ways. Hopefully the rest of the weekend is as peaceful and restful, even without good sleep. Even Bill is looking relaxed, for the first time ever at a Kick Off event!

Drop me a line, let me know what your Friday consisted of, I would love to know!

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