Have you started your calendar for next year yet? When my kids were younger, more involved in things, I would obtain my following year calendar by September or October at the latest. Now that the general school years are winding down for me, it is December and I am thinking about getting a calendar.

In all seriousness, I have 4 planners in my Amazon cart. They will all have different purposes, 2 for business and different at that, 1 for family/daily life, and 1 for spiritual/wellness. I will be more intentional with my time and day, and this has proven helpful for me this year. Want to see one in my cart?

I have come a very long way in returning to myself this year, and I am ready to take on more as a result. This makes me happy, excited, and better prepared to get going on the next step in my future. I can fail to plan, or plan to fail, and while I will grow, I learned that planning my day is a huge part of my success.

Drop me a line, let me know if you are started on your 2023 calendar, do you have multiple planners, and do you have a system you like best? I would love to know and to talk planners, calendars and organizations with you!

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