Today I took Sonny to the vet for a yearly check up, shots and his heart worm test. He cried the 6 minutes it took to get there, and when the tech came to get him, he tried to climb over me to get out the window to go with her, inside. A bit later, she returned him to the car, and she was having a good laugh. She said, he was so excited to go inside, and it was clear that he was unimpressed once he was in the door. She said he felt I had duped him. Lol!!! I really have no idea what Sonny’s prior life consisted of, maybe spa days or doggy day care, but apparently a quick and efficient trip for a check up was not what he had in mind for today. I had to promise him a sausage link when we were on our way home, as he laid in the front seat with the seat heat on, not making a sound. Lol, that was probably the best part of his day, oh and that 1/3 of a sausage link he got.

Directly after he got back in the car.

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