Almost missed it!

It’s still the 15th, but I am cutting it close today!

I have had a full day between visiting with a dear friend, traveling north, and delivering client products! It has been a very good day, even saw an old friend while hanging with my other friend and that was also a great thing. Sorry, I will be blowing sunshine and roses for a while probably, but hey, no need to apologize for being happy, right?

I am seeing a shift, and am hearing other people talk about shifts they are seeing in people too. It gives me a lot of hope, makes me happy, and it definitely feels a lot better for the world, and locally. Are you noticing a shift in others, maybe yourself too? It amazes me how many people are telling me they are growing beyond old places, and know many others that are as well. Like out of the blue telling me, I love it!

Drop me a line, let me know your thought, observations, and experience with a possible shift in people, I would love to know!

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