Thank you, Fleetwood Gold, Fall?

Thank you all for reading Bill’s birthday post, and for all of the birthday wishes! I had a great day yesterday, starting with this sunrise out my front door. So glorious!

Bill and I grabbed breakfast out and we took a ride by some of my favorite places to see, that is always enjoyable! We then watched the Buckeyes game, which was super windy, only to experience crazy winds here, shortly after, although entertaining to watch the leaves swirl. I took a 45 minute nap, which is not typical, but apparently I was tired and so out I went! We hung out, and then later we went to see Fleetwood Gold, a tribute band that was playing at the Majestic Theatre. It was amazing, filled with superb musicians and their vocals were crazy good. This video does not do them justice, yet it is still good. I included a clip of Brooke singing for you too!

We came home, hung out for a bit and went to bed late to set ourselves up for the time change. It was a great birthday filled with lots of great times, wonderful messages from friends and loved ones, and a fun night with excellent entertainment. This 38th birthday is looking really good so far!! Lol. I hope you all know how much I appreciate and value you, you all rock!! 💗

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