Foliage, Leaves, Rakes

So, did you enjoy the colors of Fall this year while they were at their peak? Are you still enjoying the pops and bursts of color, when and where you can? I know I sure am enjoying what is left of all the colors before the next season’s palette comes in to play.

If you have trees in your yard, have you been dealing with your leaves in spurts, or are you waiting for more to fall before you take the leap and deal with the majority for the season? Bill has dealt with some of our leaves and will do a second round tomorrow. I have no doubt there will be a third and final round at some point. I won’t have as many oak trees at my next house…this is what I tell myself, and Bill, lol.

The Maple is all bare now, and the Oak leaves on the right are a deep orange, falling a little at a time!

Drop me a line, let me know how your foliage is falling, a little or a lot. How do you take care of the leaves on the ground, and will you have the same or less trees at your “next house”? I would love to know and to chat about it!

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