A day in reflection…

Took a walk down Caldwell…

Bill and I started our day by going to Lowe’s to get a fireplace gas log set. We are converting our wood fireplace in our sitting area to gas. We love this little area and I cannot wait to sit in front of the fire and warm my bones in the mornings and evenings! This lead us take a look at the changing trees we just looked at last week, which we found to be pretty much naked today! Things can change in the blink of an eye, in a week, or it may take years or a lifetime.

We drove down Caldwell Street, it was so beautiful that we parked and walked down one side, then up the other. This opened the door for Bill to bring up some concerns, which I have too, but it wasn’t long enough…

So we drove to the park, and sat on a bench to talk about some things in our lives that we need to change, want to change, or that we need to address because we will be making changes that affect others.

Art, nature made on the park pond, I simply captured it.

As we were sitting there, Brooke messaged us to pass along some information. It was all in line with our current topic, our current concerns and things in the change column.

It seems as though we have been tackling the same theme for about 20 years, and while that has been a slow process, a painful process, we finally have worked through and reached the end, only to find Brooke battling the same theme as a last surge.

It sucks to struggle, but it sucks worse to watch your kids struggle. You do all you can, help all you can, know you will take care of things the best you can, and you’ll definitely step in if necessary.

And while you are proud of the people you see your kids becoming, you acknowledge they are still not full grown adults, but need support and care from you as their parent. And that means that you let them stand on their own two feet, while assuring them that you will catch them if they trip, fall, or get knocked down. That you won’t allow another adult the ability to step on them and hold their head under water.

This is the crux of the problem. The theme. Adults that are bullies, abusive or immature, seriously need to understand that at some point, people will address the issue, kids will address the issue…and you will either recognize you are the problem, or you will blame others. And when you do, you become a bigger problem, not the person or people you accuse.

You can only coexist with others that want to coexist. There is room for us all to thrive, but everyone doesn’t want that. This provides opportunity for you to decide.

When you find the waters hostile, you can simply swim away.

Changing our view, sometimes means changing our scenery. Changing our level of peace, often means changing our interactions. We must always take the pause, to contemplate, to assess, to decide. We may need to take a stand and see where things fall, to take a lay of the land, and to possibly move on when things are not good for our peace.

What are you thinking about today? Drop me a line and let me know what’s on your mind, what is giving you peace, and how you are enjoying such a beautiful day!

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