Breakfast: A New Struggle

I am a breakfast eater, always have been. Hunger pains and noises often wake me up in the middle of the night, or early hours of the morning. I look forward to a good breakfast, and often make that my biggest or best meal of the day. Here lately, I have been eating toast only for breakfast. Toast. While eating my toast, it dawned on me that I am in a breakfast slump.

I used to eat eggs daily, and then my doctor told me to stop doing that. I was initially okay with that, but then I realized that eggs were a perfect way to begin my day, they were filling, satisfying, tasty, and packed with protein which seems to be a good thing for me all around. And then I had Covid, and eggs started tasting really weird, disgusting and super off putting. This applied to many things I was eating, and this was the beginning of the breakfast dilemma.

I have attempted fruit for breakfast, and the sugars first thing in my day makes me hungrier through the whole day. I want to avoid that feeling turning in to a habit, so I nixed fruit first thing in the morning. I tried yogurt and granolas, for a while, the yogurt was a great thing, especially Greek yogurt with a drizzle of local honey, but then that started having the same effect as fruit. In comes toast.

I have tried cereals, oatmeals, and such, that all cause a gastric phenomenon I would rather do without, by choice. Alas, I am looking at toast like it is some sort of godsend, and joke, all in one. Yes, writing this I realize I probably need to explore this all further, medically. However, until then, I will be consuming toast and the occasional weird egg product.

Tell me, what do you eat for breakfast, what is your favorite thing about it? Do you eat something specific for one reason or another, and if you are one of those people that says “I just have coffee for breakfast!”, just leave me the cup of coffee emoji and a smile.

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