20 Questions-6/Cats or Dogs?

I will forever, and always, love dogs. I think I will always have a dog, or three, inside my house, on my lap, in my car, but not in bed. I will have to draw the line there, Bill is the only bed hog/cover thief I need! Although I think my family would enjoy an indoor cat, allergies would be completely out of control, and we are enough finicky creatures up in here!

Majestic! Best cat ever!! She is amazing, our Mow!
All pack members must touch, including human dog!

Let us know, dog or cat, and have you ever seen the movie Cats & Dogs?? Love it!

2 Comments on “20 Questions-6/Cats or Dogs?

  1. I love all animals but my dogs complete our family. So much love 💕 they know when we’re sad we know when they are moping and live up on them. I do love cats too but dogs are so intuitive and fun.

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