24 days of Prompts-4/Moving on/Antagonistic

Okay, before we begin today, it is always clear when topics are not working, so I am dropping 24 days of Prompts. We’ll begin anew tomorrow, but I will leave you with this last one before we go.

Prompt: Do you want to move on, or stay antagonized?

Old topics come up for a reason, and the reason that I revisited old topics in the last couple of weeks, is because one antagonist reared it’s ugly head. I shouldn’t say it, as it is a person. Honestly, things were going well until the incident, forward momentum was happening, people were healing, feelings were shifting…and while there was a poke of the old antagonist’s tactics, a new antagonist’s tactics had come in to play, and that was the whole point.

See, the old antagonist’s goal is to always make people feel powerless, compliant, small, while looking like a good person on the outside. The new antagonist’s goal is pretty much the same, but on a different level, they want to be in control, have others be compliant, and they want outsiders to think they are doing an amazing job at what they signed on for. What’s the difference? Age, experience, gender. What’s the difference? Nothing really.

Why is nothing different? The same theme in the same people’s lives, with a ton of overlapping, is meant to teach and provide opportunity, not victimize or keep someone hurt. It’s a test and opportunity all in one. There were similar, yet differing reactions to both. So, what does that really mean?

It means that Bill and I both are ready to move on from all of the negativity of the old, as for my children, I won’t speak for them, but I think they have more to process with the old. With the new, it only affects one child, and I think because of the old, she sees her options to walk away and just let it all go. I did the same, I walked away from the new because I have seen this all before, a few times, and I’m not interested in seeing the same exact thing through yet again.

This is the thing, when one person in my house suffers, we all communicate about it. We may not all be at the same place or conclusion at the same time, but we are all having different experiences and feelings about it, and it is worth talking about. The goal is to empathize, understand and relate to each other, to support, love and be the tough voice when warranted. This is love and care.

One of you may need to know what I have written to you, maybe you feel crazy or alone in your feelings, maybe you feel bad or wrong. I am here to tell you that moving beyond people and situations that make you feel bad, purposely, is the goal, it is the intention, and yes my friend, it is the purpose. Don’t stay where you don’t belong nor long to be-negativity.

Drop me a line, let me know if you are wanting to let go of something that is not serving you, I have a multitude of methods to help with that!

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