24 days of Prompts-2/Healing

Good morning to you all!

Yesterday we talked about Elimination for Happiness, and while that is a great step to take, it is often a difficult step to take, and honestly, it is commonly a heartbreaking step to take. Eliminating things, situations or people can feel very painful, to the point that it leaves us bereft, heartbroken and empty. This is not to say the decision was wrong, but that by eliminating, we are making room for something better in our lives. The truth is, there is a step in between there that often gets overlooked, overshadowed, and possibly covered up, HEALING.

While we may be rejoicing in the lack of those once painful/stress inducing things, that doesn’t mean that we weren’t emotionally invested. Odds are, we were deeply invested and that is what caused the majority of our strife to begin with. Does this mean you should armor up your heart and not feel? Not at all, it means that you are a wonderfully caring person that has feelings, and in as such, those feelings need processed and healed for you to move on and free from the burden you were under. Shortly put, you need to heal.

Healing can be as simple as an acknowledgment of the situation/experience at whole, acknowledgment of your part, and acknowledgement of how you feel and why you feel that way. There is no need to assign blame, but to observe roles that were played that had an impact for you. Healing can be as middle of the road as writing that all down, examining it all a bit more closely, and exploring how each individual’s experience in life, can and does paint their interactions in life. Healing can be done through help of various resources, such as counseling/therapy, medication, retreats, books, workshops etc.. The methodology of healing doesn’t enhance nor negate our process, the deep work, or lack thereof, in yourself is where success or failure can be found.

With a deeper work, we may find ourselves going through similar situations, time and time again. Part of that is to add to what we have learned, part of that is to reveal more to us, and part of that is to see where we are failing ourselves with our boundaries. This last part is key, boundaries truly are the foundation by which all things can get better, where we discover our voice/or better it, and where we display respect for ourselves, and in that, provide room for others to respect us too.

Healing has to be about us and our internal work. When we attach others to our healing, we are setting ourselves up for failure. We must put others to the side, objectively, and focus on what we need to do to help ourselves. We may find answers we don’t like, but the fact remains that we have to accept what we objectively find there. This is where most people fail to help themselves, they acquiesce to the conditioning or expectation put on them by others or due to the situation, thus keeping them trapped in a mindset they will never escape, let alone heal from.

So, today: What do you need to heal from?

Make a list of things you need to heal from, or what is keeping you stuck. Odds are, you are stuck for a reason, and that very well could be because you have not healed from something. And to all you folks that are older saying, “Well that’s just how it was…”, great of you to be so accepting, but odds are you have some healing to do around whatever IT was.

Drop me a line, let me know how your fall is going so far. Today I dropped a car payment at the vet. Oof! Lol! Tomorrow will be a lighter day for our prompt, yay!

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