2 to Fall-Creation

When you think of the word creation, I am sure a variance of things come to your minds. I had an initial thought on that word, and immediately thought how that could widely vary for the lot of us, let alone the whole of us. Let me tell you what I was thinking, and where that lead.

I personally need to express my thoughts, words and feelings in a creative capacity. When I am not creating in some fashion, shape, or form, I feel like a pressure cooker building up steam, not angry steam, but unventilated potential. Today, is a prime example of what can occur when I don’t create. I started to pick up the seating area, next thing I know, I am rearranging furniture. While this is harmless and something I don’t do often, it is a must once I get the urge. That is a great way to sum up all my creation, it is an unsatiated desire until I bring it to life and completion. While I feel this way about the word creation, it’s connotations remind me of what my friend Lori might say about it.

Creation of man and woman has sprung forth a multitude of potentials. With each child brought in to this world, they are brimming with untapped possibilities yet achieved, creation awaiting. Growing from conception to birth is creation realized. Growing from birth to death is creation realized. What you do in between birth and death…you guessed it, creation realized!

Creation is truly subjective, yet not at all. It is subjective in that we all create in different ways, for different reasons, in differing mediums. It is not subjective in the sense that we all make choices that affect our lives, which is also creation. Will you think on that for a moment? Life is creation. Choices are creation. Rearranging furniture is creation, making art is creation. Our actions are creation…

Drop me a line, tell me what came to mind when you first read the word creation, I would love to know and talk about it with you!

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