4 to Fall-All you need is LOVE

That’s it. That is the the answer, that is the crux. All you need is LOVE. Truth: Not all people actually know what love is. They define love, under the illusions and conditioning of loyalty, a sense of normalcy, and the experience of their own initial source of love which was not love but conformity through order…when in reality, that is precisely what their love conveys.

Today I was telling two friends about Brooke’s recent experience of toxic love from a relative, and they felt the same way as we did. If you haven’t seen or interacted with someone in 7 years, and you force them to talk to you, or even to hug you, that is a violation of personal space for one, a violation of a person’s safety for two, and a show of control/dominance for three, you are not displaying love, you are displaying toxicity. What Bill and I witnessed after the incident, which we were not present at, was what mattered most. It was an outpouring of love, care and concern.

Brooke was hysterical, visibly shaken, feeling very hurt. Her friends did not hesitate to come listen to her, to gently speak to her, to kindly place a hand on her shoulder, to look at her with empathy and compassion. These are people she sees and speaks to at least 5 days a week, for at minimum, 9 months a year. These are people in her life, showing her love, patiently, kindly, caringly. These people know love. These people conveyed love.

This is not to say that Brooke can’t handle tough words, harsh words or brutal honesty, she can and does accept this. She can be spoken to by strangers, as she is regularly through work. Brooke is capable of speaking to, and with, adults of varying ages, lives and associations, as she does daily. These people are not trying to control, demean or hurt Brooke or anyone through Brooke, they are simply interacting. To imply that just talking to Brooke hurt’s her delicate feelings is just another example of a lack of love, it is meant to hurt.

Love is not hurt. Love does not hurt. Love is not speaking hatefully to, or about another, and then expecting them to want to be around you. That is disgusting behavior, toxic behavior, and in all honestly, is pretty damn hateful. That is not love.

Perhaps we need to show compassion for those folks of this nature, some empathy towards them…and I think we all do or have enough. Just because your parents treated you that way, does not mean that is acceptable behavior, warranted behavior, or loving behavior. It is behavior that needs a serious overhaul, dissected, and eliminated. It has no place in the future, and if you don’t understand it, then you need to accept the fallout and consequences from it.

This is the last post on this subject for a while. I think we have covered a lot of ground, discussed the merits of generational trauma and healing, toxic behaviors and overcoming those, and how the foundation of love can make the world a better place, if only in your corner of the world. Drop me a line, let me know if you are a self healer that breaks generational trauma, I would love to know!

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