24 to Fall-Falling Leaves, Nature’s Cue, Ave’s Thoughts

It is hard to believe that there is a little over 3 weeks until the Autumn Equinox, just a handful of days until September, and dare I say, but a few months until the end of the year! Wow! This year has really gone quickly in so many ways! I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait until the leaves change, oops, too soon yet?

Today, Avery said some things to me, observations she has made, really grown up thoughts she is having, and it made me think about the release of things. I thought about it when I spoke with her, then put it to the side while I was working. Later, after work, I was in the shower and I thought of fall leaves and how those are tied to her thoughts, in my opinion.

Autumn leaves falling tie their literal release, to the release of things in my brain. I love those sorts of connections, and how we humans get clues from our environment, if we only look. Anyhow, I was thinking of some things I am holding on to, the things Ave is holding on to, and how that isn’t serving me or her, but it once did. Kinda like the leaves, they no longer serve the tree anymore, and so the leaves are beautifully and majestically dropped, let go of, released. Have you ever considered that you releasing something can be beautiful and majestic? I have not, until I wrote that, huh-epiphany!

What I am listening to, as I write.

Since you know how long we have until Autumn/Fall, do you think there are some things you can work on releasing, and in that, find yourself looking forward to a rest, the downward slide of Fall? I know I love living seasonally, my body and mind crave it, it is so natural for me and I do things like count down to my favorite season, to pay homage to it. Drop me a line, what are your thoughts on the metaphor/analogy of leaves falling from the tree, symbolizing our own need for release of what no longer serves us, I would love to know!

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