26 to Fall-An Emperor, A Monarch & A Spark

I totally forgot to tell you something cool that happened yesterday! I had a senior shoot at 9 am at a creek, I left there at 11, went and ran some errands, and around 11:45, this butterfly made it’s presence known by hopping on my steering wheel! This lovely is called a Tawny Emperor, and I realized that the only way this got in my car was while I had the back open loading up gear at the creek.

I felt bad for taking this little guy so far from his home. I had more errands to run, and I wasn’t going back near the creek anytime soon, so I decided to take this cutie somewhere close by.

So I decided to drive down Bridge Street, from Shawnee Lanes to Triple Crown, with the Tawny Emperor on my finger. We had a good vibe flowing, me telling it that I would get it back to a more normal habitat near trees and water, it staying and listening, trusting what I had to say. So, me, Bill and the Emperor went on down the road.

I had to have Bill put the car in park for me, and release my seatbelt, as my right hand was occupied with the butterfly. We got our of the car, and I went to put my new friend on a lovely tree. At first, it was hesitant and didn’t want to go, but once it did, I started to walk away and then the butterfly flew crazy around my head for a a few seconds before flying away.

Ironically, almost 5 years ago today I had a Monarch butterfly stay on my hand for several minutes too. I rescued it from the cat, and while it wasn’t injured, it seemed content to stay on my hand while I shared a vibe with it too. So what’s the point of this post? Find the spark of life in everything, and the sparks will find you.

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