Summer 41&42-Word games &

Yesterday was a day of conversations, in which my grammatical errors were many, and laughing at myself was a must, into today. What am I even saying?! I read messages back, out loud, and declared hand gestures would have been more effective, lol. Do you ever have days or moments like that, where you just can’t articulate your thoughts and words? Oof, I know I do!

I bought a bouquet of flowers on charcuterie day, not knowing Bill had ordered me a bouquet too. These came on Thursday, and started opening up beautifully yesterday. Unfortunately the base was broken when I opened the box up, fortunately I have many vases from before. In good faith, they are sending me another arrangement for messing up the last two orders. That is good business from them!

Today has been super low key, just sitting on the deck, enjoying time with Avery before she goes back to school next week. It seems like she just came home for summer break! I know she is excited to keep moving forward towards her degree and eventual graduation, to her career. I am embracing this phase of the journey with her, the dogs are too!

My 60 days are getting closer to an end, and those waning days start winding down with Ave’s departure. Ugh. Time flies!!

Drop me a line, let me know how your weekend is so far, I would love to know!

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