Summer 37-An *actual* BOOK

Remember when I went to Columbus a couple of weeks ago, and I had time to kill so I went to Barnes and Noble? Yes, well I purchased two books, actual books! I cannot tell you the last time I read an actual book, not just a book on my Kindle.

I love the convenience of my Kindle, the weight and the option to have a black or white screen, the option to lower the light or brighten it, the ability to change font size, etc etc., you get the point. I am on my 3rd Kindle, this one is a Paperwhite, and while I think it is great, there is absolutely no substitute for a real book in hand. Don’t you just love holding a book in your hands?

CoCo and my Kindle…a good lap combo!

I was in Barnes and Noble for about 2 hours that day. I walked all around, picked up a book early on, and carried it the whole time I was there. I had that same book in my Amazon cart for a while, so it was a shoe in, but still I carried on looking at other books.

I noticed a book title that had caught my eye online somewhere, but when I picked the book up, it felt like magic, so I read the jacket. What did not light me up online, intrigued and drew me in, in person, so I decided to purchase that book. I am looking forward to reading that one, hopefully it is as good as I feel it will be.

Shortly after finding the intriguing book, I looked back at a table display, and noticed a Nicholas Sparks book. I used to read his books all the time, as I had a client that was a diehard fan, and she would lend me the newest book after she read it. It was a kindness she bestowed upon me, and then we would talk about the book, a mini book club if you will, and truthfully I miss that and her.

Clearly I was feeling some nostalgia, so I picked up the book, read the jacket and decided that was the book for me! I was so happy walking back to the first picked up book’s table, the one in my Amazon cart, and happier still when I put it back. It wasn’t meant to come home with me that day, and I was perfectly okay with that. I walked out of Barnes and Noble with two freshly purchased books, and I am just now getting to read the first, the Nicholas Sparks book titled “The Wish”. I am loving it so far, so glad I had to be in Columbus, and kill time that day. You truly never know how your trip to the bookstore will go, but I don’t think I ever leave empty handed…thus why I hardly go!

So tell me, do you read? Do you read actual books, or have a device that you download books on? Do you enjoy the bookstore, and does anyone else locally miss Bookworld? Drop me a line, I would love to know what other bibliophiles think, nonreaders too!

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