Summer 35-Don’t Forget

You learn lessons for a reason, it’s to teach you. When you forget or slip, there will be subtle reminders, and if you ignore that or are not paying attention to the clues, you will get a swift revisit of the lesson. Sometimes you’re a hard head that refuses to give, so you get the swift reminder, the hints, the subtle lessons and a lot of turmoil and heartache. So, don’t forget it is easier before it gets harder.

The good news is that maybe you picked up quickly, and you are rewarded with your sign of confirmation. And once you say thank you out loud, the signal dissipates, disappears, or stops cawing to you and flies away. Hello my good friends!

As I am trying to build back up, and combat this dizziness, I am taking daily walks at Grandview. These two crows kept cawing as I was discussing a specific subject with Avery. I know they were talking to me, because they were insistent and I was persistent in my convo and thoughts. Then I remembered the commitment of the crow to me and my journey. I quickly changed thoughts and recognized their message, move on. I acknowledged them caring to me first, and then I thanked them and told them they were right, I have control over my choices and actions, and I can move on from my current thinking and standing. As soon as I thanked them, they moved on. It all goes hand in hand, y’all.

So, what are you forgetting? What message are you ignoring? What next steps do you need to be taking in your journey? Drop me a line, let me know what you are seeing, or need to see, I would love to know!

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