Summer 11-Talking…dogs

I went to lunch with a dear friend today. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so it was a great time to catch up! We had a lot of laughs, some serious discussions, but we talked a lot about communication. There is so much value in words, are we speaking, relaying, conveying those well enough, and are we receptive to others’ words…maybe even too receptive at times?

I came home after, and sat outside with my pooches. I communicate a lot of verbal and non verbal cues with my dogs, yet we understand each other very well. Why are humans so reluctant to learn helpful communication skills? Is it the old adage of can’t teach old dogs new tricks sort of thing? I don’t think so, I honestly think it isn’t taught and that is the actual problem.

She knows that getting a bone, signifies going in the crate…so she took herself there. All I say is “Bone!”.

How is communication key for you? How did you learn to be a good communicator? Did you learn via good and bad communication, and what tips would you give others, or future generations to aid their communication for better relationships? Drop me a line, let me know!

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