Summer 5-Mulch, Maverick & Wag’s

Today was a great day, everything was clicking, running right along, and despite it being a 2 times to Lowe’s sort of day, that was not a negative, but fruitful and positive producing. Truly, everything just fell in to place today!

We have always put wood mulch in our flower beds, but for a couple of years, I have been wanting to put rock mulch in the back part of the front flower bed where the holly bushes are, and today that happened! We could not be more pleased with how it turned out! We still put black wood mulch in the front part, and the rest of the front beds, i love the contrast, but may have to convert to more rock later.

I was thankful when all was said and done, that we had already made plans for today with Brooke. We decided last week to hit a movie matinee with her for today, and boy were we glad that we had made those plans. How many times is too many to see a great movie? If you have seen Top Gun Maverick, then you know what I am saying. Let me tell you, it was just as good the second time as the first! Brooke says she will probably go a third time, I can’t blame her, at all.

We finished our great day by ordering dinner from somewhere we haven’t eaten yet…Wagner’s Roadhouse! It was delicious, quick, inexpensive and a local gem that we will order from again!

Texas tenderloin and onion rings!
Yummy burger!

I am so thankful for today, it was such a great day. WordPress was being difficult tonight, so I am also thankful it finally started acting right again too. We had some great family moments today, which I am beyond grateful for, as well. How was your day today, was it great, did it have some great moments? Drop me a line, let me know!

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