TAP 5/70-A decade in the making

Twelve years ago I came to the Outer Banks for the first time. I went into a gallery and purchased to pottery mugs. I still have those mugs, loved them so much that we bought pottery gifts from the makers, and I bought Bill one of his favorite mugs from them too. I was disappointed to learn that the makers were in Oregon, as I wanted to support local artisans, but clearly I loved the product enough to keep purchasing from them.

Ten years ago I was in the Outer Banks, and I found out about a local pottery studio. We have always stayed on the northern banks, and sadly I found out about the potter after we had already been down south on our trip. So, I followed the studio on Instagram, always loving their products, but never purchasing, vowing to purchase in person one day. Today, that dream came true!

We are not far from Kinnakeet Clay, the pottery studio, and today as we traveled south, we stopped to purchase some of their beautiful pottery. The gallery is beautiful, full of beachy hued earthenwares, as well as some more bold pieces, modern pieces and a lot of artful portraits, paintings, jewelry and more. We all got something to commemorate our time at one of our favorite places, to help keep the memory fresh every time we consume a beverage in our mugs, wear our jewelry, or look at our art.

Some of the best things are what we wait for, off the beaten path, and somewhere we go to find peace.


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