TAP 35/70-Goals

Do you have goals? I typically don’t deal in goals, I deal in intentions and manifestations. I am not trying to hit a goal, because that could be hit or miss. With an intention, you may not manifest it this time, maybe there is more work needed in order for that to come to fruition, so it is still in the works, the thing is, you didn’t miss anything that caused you to not achieve a goal. There could even be a need for steps of clearing before you can begin, which would be a first step of an intention that you didn’t even know you needed. Goals can be hard headed and overly aggressive, where as an intention says I see myself, I am open to the work I need to do to step forward, for my highest interest. Here is a manifestation of an intention.


I love this image, because it is a manifestation I set out with two months ago. Does it have some things that need worked on? Yes, but did I accomplish the one thing I wanted to? Yes. Am I thrilled with it? Yes! I am so thankful to have two such beautiful souls be my subjects to help me achieve my vision!

How about you, do you have goals, or do you set intentions? I would love to know, drop me a line!

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