TAP 39/70-Vegas

When you work on people’s bodies, emotions and issues may come to the surface. This is called an emotional release. The cells hold what the body knows, has endured, and is not processed. Or, maybe it is processed, but the trauma remains, to one day need released. When this would happen, people would cry, or get upset, maybe even embarrassed. I would explain that it is a normal phenomenon, that the body wants this, needs this, and that it is okay. Sometimes I would hold people as they cried, listen to them talk to themselves or me about it, or to comfort them with the shock of it, encouraging them to see a counselor or therapist that is qualified to help them. The biggest thing, the thing I always said to them was, my office was like Vegas, what was said there, happened there, stayed there. I am like a vault, and their emotional release was safe in “Vegas”.

People often overlook the mind/body/spirit connection, sometimes treating it like it is an afterthought, when really it is at the forefront. We may tamp down emotions, issues or baggage, but at some point, it should be dealt with, or it will manifest in ways in which we definitely would prefer not. I am not talking about the emotional releases experienced through body work, I am talking about hurting others so that we release what hurts us.

Someone recently told me that we often hurt those we love most, because we know they love us. This is a big fat lie. We often hurt those most vulnerable to being hurt by us because of that exactly-they are most vulnerable to our hurt dished out. This is such a misunderstood concept, and a very convenient excuse to explain our lack of comprehension, understanding and control.

So how do we deal, heal and move on? We make choices. I say this a lot, but it is true. We make choices to change ourselves, to change our lives, to change our environments, our understanding, our actions. This does not eradicate the hurt caused, initially or as a result of, but it says that you understand, that you have decided to do and be better, that you see, you hear, you understand. You can decide. You are responsible.

I will tell you why I write. I write because I want you to know truths about yourself. I want you to process and deal with these things, for you, your loved ones, friends family, and even strangers. Stop reading meme and adopting them as gospel. Stop listening anything less than the bottom line truth. Stop holding in your hurt because you think that is the way to do it. Stop letting it eek out, or be full blown to justify your anger. Let your body release what it doesn’t want to hold, but do it in a way that is helpful, productive and healthy for you. Find your Vegas, baby.

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