TAP 49/70-Reminders

Today feels like it has been a day of reminders…of things that irritate me, things I like, things I want, things that need boundaries, things that need work from me, things that need work by others, things that affect me, things I can affect, etc..

BUT, it is also a day of vision, personal power, and clarity. Sometimes you need to take the pause. Sometimes you need to be patient. Sometimes you need to have faith and sometimes you need to remember who you are.

Are you in tune? Are you taking steps to aide yourself? Are you allowing your lack to affect others? Are you standing strong within yourself?

Self awareness is key, in all aspects of your life. I am getting where I want to be, and I had to come to a complete stop in order to get there. I had to isolate myself to hear me, to see exactly what I needed. I had to shore up my boundaries because my peace is too often disturbed, and that is a problem, a key problem. I am learning and leaning down in to what I need, but I had to pause. Are you taking the pause when and where necessary?

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