41/45-The Power of 5

I am a firm believer in signs and numerology, I also believe those things are divinely put in my path to help guide me. Sometimes I miss the message, or think it may not be for me at that time, but when it hits me of the significance, I reflect back and think about how long the sign has been waiting for me to catch up. In this case, it has been 5 months.

The Geodome, notice the five on the right.

I first noticed this 5 back in October, and sent the picture to Marci, owner of Geode Fitness and Yoga. We had a discussion about the number, and the significance of it. While I felt it important enough to share and discuss with her, the relevance of the number to me, was yet to be uncovered.

You can look up the meaning of all kinds of things, and while they make sense, the whole purpose for you to see, may not be visible yet. So you remain patient, probably forgetting in time that you ever saw the five, or shrug it off thinking it wasn’t meant for you, until you realize, it really is meant for you!

In numerology, five can represent independence, self growth, spiritual growth, loyalty, adventure, balance/harmony, and even in a negative way-selfishness. There are a host of resources that will tell you what all the number 5 can represent in numerology, and sometimes, the number can signify that change is coming! It really is not as wide open as it seems, so make sure you look up what the number 5 can mean!

In the Bible, 5 is representative of God’s Grace. It can also signify creation, transformation, victory or success. Five also signifies our five senses, five fingers on each hand, books and parts of books in the Bible, 5 stones for David, and so much more! I suggest you look that up as well, it is quite intriguing to learn about the importance of 5, biblically.

Old journey…

When I began this 45 days, I knew on day 5 that I was going to be done with massage therapy. It was solid, decisive, I was ready to release what I had done for so long, but that was part of an old journey, part of an old me. Five for change, transformation, journey…

En route to new journey…

I didn’t find it odd on day 41, with five days left, that the number held way more significance in my life, than not. I am en route to a new journey, one of self transformation, more spiritual growth, all while stepping back in to my complete self and not who I have been expected to be, not who I have been formed to be.

I will say right now, I think writing has become a habit, something I mostly look forward to(except the days I forget, and post late, lol!), something I want to continue. It is time to pick my camera up and join the two, as I first wanted to do. It’s time for me to be unapologetically me, adventuring, journeying, living my life, for me.

Avocado toast Ave made for me today…

Are you on a journey, an adventure? Are you transforming or returning to your lawless and senses? Drop me a line, let me know if you have number speaking to you, if you are going or doing something new with your life, I’d love to know!

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