39/45-Phoenix, Ashes, Dust. RISE!

How many times in your lifetime do you suppose you will rise up from the ashes, once the dust has settled? Are we counting the little things, because I don’t think we are, Phoenixes only rise from the most absolute fires, returning to life stronger, more wisened each time. What a come back, rising from the ashes of the fire that meant to destroy you, but the fire had no idea about you, about the fire that burns inside you, about the water flowing through your cells, the air in your lungs, the earth beneath your feet and the spirit in your soul. What a wonder you are!

Each comeback is meant to be different than the last. Each time you come back is meant to make you stronger and wiser…despite the hits you take, the damage incurred. You will know more this time than you did the last, you will find another version of yourself that resembles earlier parts of you, but there will be more of you, more of what you need, more of what you learned, more of less that can be handled by others, but that is for you, not for them. You are meant to rise and fly.

You don’t need permission, you just need to let go and be reformed in to your newest self, the version of you meant for now. You don’t need to apply pressure, you aren’t a diamond, you’re a Phoenix. You can’t fly with your wings clipped, put those clippers down and don’t for the love, don’t hand them to another. You are only as burdened as you allow yourself to be…don’t forget the fire will burn it all away, and all you have to do is be reborn from the ashes. Are you ready to rise?

Stop holding back, stop watching others live whole or half lives, breathe it in, let it go. Trust yourself, trust in what and who you can. Go above dreams, soar to the higher realms of where you are meant to be, where your true self desires and deserves to be. Just let go, breathe. Whisper to the flames, I am the fire. I will burn, crumble and rise.


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