24/45-Thoughts of a quitter

I have, indeed, thought of ditching these 45 days. I had the inclination on days 5-6, Days 10-12, and days 21-23. Maybe the fact that the days in between of wanting to quit, becoming further apart says something, or maybe it says something to the commitment I have made to you? I am not writing this for me, although I tend toward self indulgence regularly, but no, I am writing this for you.

I read Bible plans daily. Sometimes with my husband, my good friend, or by myself, sometimes all three.

I started this off feeling what I always do, God wants me to share my journey with people, the good, bad, indifferent, highs, and lows, but all truth. I have struggled to share good things because I don’t want to brag. I have struggled with the bad things because in keeping perspective, things are not as bad as others have it-this can also be an indicator of toxic habits when you compare, as usual I digress. I have felt it may be boring to read on the indifferent days, but I include them. On the highs, again, feels like bragging or annoying positivity, the lows can be downers for many people struggling with their own journey…and the truth is always there, encompassing it all. It truly circles back to being guided to share with you-so you know you are not alone.

I can’t quit on you. I can’t quit on me. I couldn’t quit on my husband, and it takes a lot for me to quit on someone. Typically if I do, it is because the other person was there for a lesson, a season, or a reason that I needed to sort through or learn from. I trust my instincts and take the other person’s needs in to consideration as well. Sometimes you ebb and flow in and out of people’s lives and other times, it is meant to be a short term interaction. Good news, I am here for the long haul, and you get to decide where reading my words falls in for you.

This is not to say that quitting isn’t the right answer in some situations, because it is. We need to know when we are tapped out, or when a situation is beyond where we want to be, or what we want, or can, deal with. We often suffer needlessly because we think we have to stick through things, and sometimes we do, but often times, we don’t. People confuse challenging situations of growth and forward movement with a lack of boundaries, and vice versa. That also opens up the subjects of family, entitlement, expectations, and merit, probably a lot more than that, but the point is, quitting isn’t always quitting.

I hope that you do get something from my writings, as they really are for you. I think challenging myself to write about my 45 days, has already proven helpful to me, and I really and truly hope they do for you as well. Have a great Sunday friends, see you this week!

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