10/45-Free yourself

Hello all! What a beautiful, if not chilly Sunday we are having today here in Ohio! The cold can’t stop the happiness I feel from the sun shining today…and maybe that 10 1/2 hours of deep sleep I got last night, after a restless week is just what I needed too?! Whatever the reason, it is a beautiful day, and so I shall enjoy every minute of it!

I have really been having all kinds of thoughts the last 5 days. I came to a startling realization on day 5, and since then, more things keep unfolding in my life to support that realization. Here’s the thing, if you ask yourself a question, and the answer isn’t clear, ask a higher source, for me, I asked God to show me, and for the universe to broaden that so it was obvious for me to see. This method has never failed as it always delivers and did, but something pleasant that has occurred is the little things being said to me by many people to also support the answer shown to me…the answer that was in my heart all along that I couldn’t embrace, acknowledge or even allow myself to really think.

Wow, what all do we keep ourselves from because of the blocks we put on ourselves?! Some things self imposed are very clear, very much in our face or the forefront, and other times we hide something from ourselves because we are afraid of what others will think, how it will make them feel, how that will make us feel about ourselves if we make them feel bad, how that issue may be extremely deep seated or deeply implanted, and that really makes us question just so much more. WHICH IS PERFECTLY OKAY.

I have noticed that I have been getting irked with a bunch of “helpful, supportive, caring, or knowing” memes people have been sharing here of late, and so I will share with you something that resonated with me, in fact I will put it on this post twice. You know, just to remind us both.

We are all on our own journey. I cannot tell you what is best for you, I can share what I did, how that worked, how it failed, what I did that was good, and what I would change. I might tell you this to give you support, relatability, or to say have you considered this starting point. I admit I don’t have the answers for you, I don’t want to have the answers for you, but I do most likely want to watch how you go about your life, cheering you on, picking you up when you need it and being strong with you(no longer for you) if you need me to. I will empathize and maybe cry with or for you if that is what I feel. I may not always agree with your way, but I will always respect that it is your life and thus your way is the best way for you. I will celebrate your confidence and maybe your moments of feeling unsure but perseverance, and the fact that you are choosing to live your life and you are doing it your way.

I truly hope you do the same for others, that you give them space to be themselves, to make decisions that are best for them. I hope you support them in their decisions, even if you don’t necessarily agree or see it from their point of view. I hope that you see this as an opportunity, and I hope they do too. This my friends should be what we do, circles of positivity. This is not to say we need to let someone run wild and crazy being a danger to themselves and others, but to simply live their lives, making the best decisions for them, no matter what that is.

What I did for me today:

  • Yoga
  • Cleaned more of my house
  • Slept/rested until my body/mind was ready to greet the day

What I did for another:

  • Apologized for letting someone down-as it truly was not my intention, listened to them air their feelings out, respected how they felt and what they said

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings, as it will mark about the 1/4 mark of my 45 day journey! See you tomorrow!

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