6/45-Conflict, Comfort, and Communication

Good Wednesday Morning!

I am feeling the after effects of my day yesterday, of all I worked through, of all I acknowledged, and of all I released. I was feeling pretty tired and sluggish before yoga this morning, but I am feeling really calm and mellow, basking in the after glow now. My day should be a steady hum today, constant, productive, and ready! The way I feel now, is very contradictory to how I felt yesterday. Thankfully.

I read something a friend posted yesterday and I shook my head. The reason I shook my head is because the content skirted the fact that we are human. Humanly flawed, humanly made, humanly feeling. Yes, we need to put our faith somewhere worthy, but it doesn’t do us any good to ask someone else to solve our problems when we have the ability to do it ourselves. Does this mean we are self reliant? Yes, but my worries are not bigger than me, and I know God has me, especially if I cannot handle what he has placed in front of me to learn and deal with for my benefit.

We often don’t like conflict with others, but do we stop and think about the conflict within ourselves? Often the internal conflict leads to self discovery and growth, which serves a higher purpose, for us. Almost as if the conflict was put in front of us by design, for our benefit. Do you see conflicts, issues, stress, problems and worries that way, as opportunities? I know I do, and today, I am grateful to have my husband be where he is in his journey so I can communicate my feels, worries, and fears to him, he knows me better than anyone.

In addition to him helping me, I had the assistance of a great friend. She is always there when I need, and tells me what I need to hear-not what I want, but need. Between voicing my thoughts and feelings to God, the universe, Bill and Jenny, I gained an enormous amount of clarity, lost the vast inner turmoil and conflict. Did I dump on them? No, I expressed what I hold in and expect myself to solve…I reached out for assistance and got love, comfort and support in the end. Are you asking for help when you need it, or do you dump your feelings and problems on people? Do you know the difference?

What I did for me today:

  • Went to yoga, letting my body lead the way, left feeling amazing and soul soothed
  • Attend an online photography workshop
  • Allowed myself room to breathe, release and work through my inner conflict

What I did for others:

  • I let ladies at yoga pet my coat-it’s pretty damn soft, sensory delight, we all need softness in our lives
  • Sending up prayers for all that need it right now

What does your day look like? You have any conflict, comfort or communication you need to do, or receive, today? I would love to know, drop me a line!

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