Do you cook with Love?

I love when people can taste the love in food. My kids have always shared baked goods that I have made for school functions or home, and their friends say that these treats are extra tasty, to which my kids reply, “Well yeah, my mom makes it with a lot of love.” It really delights me that not only can my family taste it, but others can too. My friend Maria once mentioned someone’s food having no love in it, we both had sour looks upon our faces because we know there really is a difference in food made with love or not. Food made with love can be savory or sweet, and anything in between. Everyone is capable of cooking with love!

My husband, Bill, decided today was a great day for the comforts of Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and veggies. I offered to help, but was so in love with what I saw, I knew I had to capture it right away. There is always something exciting about making a family favorite, in a different way, and still doing it with love and letting your love of food and family be shown and enjoyed, felt, through your food!

Tried some different ingredients, so glad we did!
Bill making multiple smaller loaves, they cook more evenly and quicker!
Ditch the Ketchup, hit it with some gravy!
Look at that delicious crust!!

Thank you Bill! Our meal was delicious and definitely made with love and care! This new way of making meatloaf is now my favorite way, and deserves the spotlight for this post! Do you have a signature dish or food that people always remark upon? Do you make it with love, intentionally or not? Tell me, I’d love to know!


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