What is The Photographist Life all about?

PHOTOGRAPHIST- one who produces photographs. (wiktionary)

Wouldn’t it have been easier to just say ‘Photographer’? Sure. But I am not living the photographer life…I am living The Photographist Life. I am observing life, capturing life’s stories through images, you know, photographically documenting people being awesome.

*perplexed looks*

french cows pl web

Okay, so maybe there are some of you wondering where I came up with this often considered outdated term. My husband actually referred to me as a photographist(he thought he came up with a whole new word, lol) and it was a life altering, whip my head around moment that felt utterly perfect. Doesn’t PHOTOGRAPHIST feel right rolling around in your mind? Yes? No? I’ll give you a few minutes to feel it out. The more I said the word after his mention, the more my vision became crystal clear of what it meant to me.

In a nutshell, I want to show you amazing people doing amazing things, places and things that bring me and others joy, but most importantly, I want to focus on connecting. In this day and age, we live a very hurried pace, and that leaves us little time to connect with friends, meet new people, learn new things. Life really is about our relationships, and connecting with each other, bringing joy to one another, inspiring those around us.  I just want good things for you and this is my way of providing what I bring in a joyful, inspiring manner to you.

flower pl web

I am going out on a limb in my attempt to spread joy and happiness, who knows, maybe it’s all BS…but remember, BS makes the flowers grow better. Before we part for the day, tell me, what brings you joy, who inspires you?




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