Summer 46- August 🔥🔥🔥

Have I ever mentioned that I love the changes of the seasons? Oh man, how I do, but I also love the changes within the seasons. I love feeling the shift of the summer heat building from growing season, to harvesting season. I love the shift of the sun from July humid heat to scorching hot pinnacle of August heat. And I love how the sun says “hell yeah”, to getting it’s hot on in August, right before it tips over in to less hours in the sky, a bit more muting of it’s brightness and more of a slow slide towards a fall rest and slumber. Giving myself shivers with the thought of it all!!

As a native Ross County resident, returned, it is the fair that really is the turning point of the Summer season, sending the whole warming experience off with a bang, then gearing you up for the start of school, and a return to “normalcy”. I love this transition as much as I love the changes of the sun, and I love that they work in tandem. You know what I love even more? The fact that I am closing in on having no association with either, and yet they will still make me excited for both, and what they signify seasonally.

No, I have not had a personal association with the Ross County fair for a very long time, and my kids have not had a fair association for a long time either, but I still love fair time and what it means for so many people and our community. Before too long, I won’t have any association with k-12 schooling, but I will still be excited for the new school year, and all of the excitement it brings for my friends and family. Maybe this makes me a small minded person, but I feel that the possibilities of each student is a full brimming cup for them to sip and gain knowledge from. That is also how I feel about the sun and it’s seasonal changes. So many things to discover and experience in the transitions.

Maybe I am maudlin because Avery left early this morning to head back to Miami. Maybe I am reflecting because the sun is in the sky, changing. Maybe I am happy because the fair is about to occur and that brings a lot of joy to so many people. All I know is that changes and season occur with, or without us and our consent, much like all of life. We can either embrace those things, relish in them, find the joy and bounty of it all, or we can be resistant and stuck, joyless and bitter. Heck with it, let’s celebrate, let’s embrace and revel in it all, let’s let go and live for the changes, are you with me?

Drop me a line, let me know where you are with all of this, I would love to know!

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